CCSDPD officer accused of suppressing evidence

By Nia Wong |, Neb Solomon

Published 06/08 2016 10:56PM

Updated 06/08 2016 11:12PM

A top investigator for Clark County School District Police has been reassigned, and the police union is in the process of filing charges. Allegations surrounding audio recordings may be behind this development.

Detective Christopher Klemp was in charge of the Clark County School District Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

Whenever the agency’s officers were under investigation, Klemp oversaw the investigations.

He is accused of dishonesty and suppression of evidence regarding the investigation of another CCSDPD officer: James Lescinsky.

In May, a federal grand jury indicted Officer Lescinsky for using excessive force against a student and staff member at Jeffrey Behavior Junior/Senior High School.

Detective Klemp investigated the case.

“There was a discussion of a tape out there that they had Detective Klemp where he admitted engaging in some questionable behaviors,” said Lescinsky’s attorney James D. Campbell. “If this case they filed against Jimmy is the result of Detective Klemp's activity that he talks about on the tape, then this whole prosecution is entirely suspect.”

Anthony Russo with the CCSD police union confirms the existence of this audio recording. He says he hopes these charges against Lescinsky will be dropped.

Russo wouldn't provide a copy of the recording, but in a complaint obtained by 8 News NOW, former Officer Daniel Burgess transcribes portions of this recording.

In it, Detective Klemp is allegedly heard threatening officers and asking them to lie. The police union demanded the immediate removal of Klemp from his position.

Captain Ken Young with the Clark County School District Police Department would not comment on personnel issues, only confirming that Klemp is currently employed with the district.

An official memo shows Klemp was reassigned out of his bureau, which is now temporarily headed by Lt. Mike Blackeye.

8 News NOW reached out to Detective Klemp, but he did not respond to requests for comment.

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